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Equity Research

The hallmark of LEERINK's market-leading equity research product is a commitment to creating deep, differentiated and proprietary knowledge.

Our therapeutics, medical technology and life sciences analysts’ work is based in fundamental research of the molecular, cellular and pharmaceutical science that underlie new healthcare products.

Our information technology and services senior research analysts study healthcare’s regulatory, payor, technology and competitive environments. They project industry changes as a result of influences including the powerful cost and health outcome effects of emerging software products and strategies based in “Big Data.” Our analysts help investors understand what these shifts mean and the opportunity in emerging Digital Health capabilities for the healthcare industry, its companies and financial results.

The advanced scientific and medical training as well as healthcare industry experience of our analysts gives foundation and context to our work and recommendations, while access to LEERINK’s vast MEDACorp network of healthcare specialists enriches our knowledge and improves our research offering.

Our analysts provide research coverage on an extensive list of leading and emerging healthcare companies:

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