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Informed Perspective Drives Advice and Guidance

Access to 20,000 healthcare professionals (physician, clinicians, PhDs, regulatory and reimbursement experts, etc.) within the proprietary MEDACorp network enables our internal team to expedite diligence, determine viability of business plans and evaluate market opportunities. Our goal is to provide our clients with unique, actionable recommendations.

MEDACorp offers both our internal teams and clients a “Front Row Seat” to unique opportunities across healthcare sectors.

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More About MEDACorp

Every member of the MEDACorp network agrees to a strict set of terms and conditions to ensure confidentiality and adherence to compliance protocols.

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  • Compliance Standards

    MEDACorp’s rigorous compliance procedures and protocol are shaped by securities laws and regulations, and industry best practices. They are supported by our experienced internal compliance team and by our proprietary technology.

  • Terms and Conditions

    All MEDACorp consultants are required to sign our Terms and Conditions agreement which is structured to ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations and prohibit the disclosure of material, non-public information.

  • Disclosure Questionnaire

    Prior to all MEDACorp projects, all MEDACorp consultants must complete an online Disclosure Questionnaire and are asked to re-affirm that they will not discuss or disclose material, non-public information.

  • Support

    1. To educate and assist MEDACorp consultants and clients regarding material, non-public information, we have prepared a list of FAQs.

    2. MEDACorp’s proprietary technology tracks all MEDACorp interactions to ensure the adherence to compliance protocols.

  • Important Information

    MEDACorp LLC (“MEDACorp”) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Leerink Partners LLC.

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